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Feel free to stop by this lil ol" blog and feel free to speak to me. I am here all the time since i do have nothing better to do. Don't be afraid to ask me question or start up a random conversation with me.

I enjoy to rp quite a bit so feel free to hit me up if you want to rp. I am also taking in art requests at the moment.
My skype is sarcastictwin if you wish to contact me on something other than tumblr.
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A project I did for one of my classes. Homestuck would make a great DS game in my opinion. Or just a great game, period. (Full view for better viewing)
And if you are viewing this from my (LukeNuk3m’s) page, congrats. You’re viewing the original. :P
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so very wrong by ~Susan-Kim

that’s it thats homestuck
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escape from virtuality
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